Meads Consulting and Contracting, LLC

Construction Safety Consulting and Contracting Solutions

The professionals at Meads Consulting and Contracting, LLC in San Antonio, TX have extensive experience when it comes to construction and safety consulting for corporate retailers. We have been providing outstanding services since 2008.

Pre-Construction Planning

We work closely with structural and geotechnical engineering firms to complete scopes of work. Through proper pre-construction planning, we can keep your projects on time and within budget.

Construction Plan
Meads Consulting and Contracting, LLC

Safe Work Environment

We have spent more than 22 years addressing workplace safety and health related¬† issues in large retail establishments across the nation. This experience has given us the technical knowledge and understanding needed to ensure your employees and customers are in a safe environment.

Construction Management

We manage a wide range of facility issues, such as compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and adherence with environment, health, and safety (EHS) guidelines. Rely on our team to manage the planning, design, and construction stages of your project.